Garment variations…

All of our finished products are unique and handmade, having been adapted from your Cherished Piece, hence it is possible that you may find very slight variations. It is our intention that these adaptions will not affect the overall design or look as selected from the web image.

For ages 4 years and up, pieces may not be large enough to transform without complimentary material being used.

In case of a fabric shortage…

Should your Cherished Piece be insufficient for your selected style we may, on rare occasions, complement your piece with sustainable, pre-loved material held on site. Our complementary fabrics will only be used in the case of a fabric shortage, unless specifically requested otherwise by yourself. These complimentary materials are sourced and selected by ourselves and as such will be of high quality and sustainable, pre-loved or organic thus maintaining our environmentally friendly ethos.

Don’t want complimentary fabrics?

That’s okay!

Should you wish to opt out of our complimentary fabrics please e-mail us immediately after placing the order. Once production has commenced there will be no option for you to change your mind.

If on the rare occasion there is not enough material in the Cherished Piece supplied to us to transform it into your selected product we will contact yourselves regarding your options. These options include changing the selected design or end product to another, returning your garment to you free of charge or for you to donate the garment to our upcycled ‘Alf-Phi’ range where we will donate £3 to a selected charity.

What is Alf-Phi?

Alf-Phi is our own branded range created with high quality, sustainable fabrics sourced by Cherished Pieces and designed by our in-house team. Please visit our Alf- Phi range to view our one-of-a-kind, handmade, exclusive items.


All our fabrics are sustainable – having been either reclaimed from deadstock, upcycled or organic. To uphold our status as a responsible company we strive to be 100% zero waste with all fabric. No fabric remnants, however small, are thrown away. All our products are made in-house by our team in Cheshire.

Fabrics and Materials

Cherished Pieces transforms customers cherished fabrics and reuses these upcycled materials to create timeless pieces. Cherished Pieces therefore accepts no responsibility for the quality or composition of the materials provided.

We do not take any responsibility for the care instructions and fabric content provided within the original label.

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